Premium Incense ashes and incense powder
Premium Incense ashes and incense powder
Premium Incense ashes and incense powder

Premium Incense ashes and incense powder

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Options:Pear Pavilion Incense Powder



Pear Pavilion Incense Powder 20 grams:


  • Invented during the Qing Dynasty 1636, and widely employed within the imperial court.  
  • Pear Pavilion Incense is crafted from the precious wood of the goose pear tree, revered as the "king of woods" for its pure white color and dense structure, emitting a distinctive fragrance. 
  • Ingredients: Pear, Agarwood incense and. Sandalwood incense.


Century Old Agarwood Incense Powder 20 grams:


  • Agarwood, often referred to as the "King of Fragrance," has long been recognized as a rare and precious wood.
  • Its formation occurs under unique circumstances when the wounds of the Agarwood tree become infected and decayed by fungi.
  • In response to this infection, the tree's resin transforms into a fragrant, resinous substance, undergoing a prolonged process of maturation.

Ingredients: Century Old Agarwood

Two Premium sets of white ashes 60 grams x2 :

Used for incense set as a base.

Ingredients: Premium white incense ashes

Product Features

Animal cruelty free incense

Why choose us?

Satorins: incense burner made from real bronze.

Others: incense burners claim to be made from bronze but are actually plastic

Satorins: incense powder made from natural vegan ingredients.

Others: incense powder made from chemical ingredients.

Satorins: incense powder burns thoroughly.

Others: difficult to burn.

Satorins: 7-14 business days to ship around the world. 

Others: 30 business days ship via sea

Satorins: We respond in 1 business day and help you with the incense kit

Others: No customer service available

How does the Satorins incense burner works?

1. Add incense ash and press until it is flat

2. Place the seal, put in the powder and remove any excessive powder

3. Tap on the seal, and gently lift the incense seal and remove the powder 

4. Light up and enjoy a moment of tranquility

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Japan (4-7 business days)
  • Korea (4-7 business days)
  • Australia (7-10 business days)
  • The US (7-13 business days)
  • Other countries (7-14 business days)

Highly unlikely. We prepay custom duty for all European Union countries and many other countries. (Very few merchants do that!) The chance you get charged by the custom is lower than 1%.

1 Examine the color of the incense. Chemical incense is often very colorful, while incense made from natural ingredients typically bears a brownish hue.

2 After burning the incense, smell the ashes. The aroma of the ashes should match the scent of the incense itself.

3 Take a whiff of the incense before lighting it. Artificial incense tends to have a strong smell, whereas natural incense exhibits a more subtle fragrance.

Suitable for people who wants to:

1 Improve concentration and patience

2 Enjoy the pleasant aromas and create a calming atmosphere.

3 Enhance meditation, yoga, or spiritual practices.

4 Relieve stress and improve mood.

5 Purify spaces and dispel negative energy.

6 Add aesthetic appeal and ambiance to a room.

7 Mask unpleasant odors in the air.

Yes, our incense is crafted from natural ingredients. However, it is important to exercise moderation when using them. Even beneficial substances can potentially be harmful when used excessively.

Yes, automatic discount will be applied if you buy several. For wholesale, email us at

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